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Time and budget have aligned and it’s time to have the LINLEY painted.
Found a good paint shop and the discussion is on what type of paint to use.
Painter suggests a few coats of a black that has a slight blue mixed, which he says will give it a brilliant black shine. I have seen an example and it looks great.
While I don’t have the pockets to have him do what LRSV did to it in UK, 10 coats of black paint with a sanding between each coat, I am a bit reluctant about his mixing.
Vehicle will be going to the shop with all body trim, roof trim, lights and handles removed so his costs will only be minor masking, sanding and paint.
I’m just not wanting this job to be arsed up and because I have done so much work to this restore and wanting to be as paedantic and as close to original as I have been I am open to member suggestions and thoughts on respray.....

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If you want a real black black, there is only one, Rolls Royce Masons Black. The mix is 100% black pigment, nothing else.

This was done in that. 3 coats of base coat followed by 2 coats of clear lacquer. Painting it took about an hour and a half, preparation took 2 months.

enter image description here

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How bad is the paint, have you not tried colour sanding and seeing how the original paint comes up, with all these guns that measure paint thickness ect nowadays, it would be good to keep original if possible.

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JMCL: It is usually best to stick with the original colour anyway; Such 'blends' are a real pain to match up when the almost-inevitable 'car-park rash' happens..... and then you would have to return to the original paint-shop too of course (and which may be his plan of course....).

I fully agree with the 'preparation is everything' philosophy too, particularly as darker colours really show all the blemishes/imperfections/etc.