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My filler is the normal way round with the pins horizontal but it isn't a problem. No matter which way the pins are the actual nozzle can swivel anyway. When filling from the drivers side I just put the nozzle on upside down so it, and the hose, go over the top of the trailer hitch. Worst ones are Italian cup fillers with short hoses when you can't let the nozzle hang straight downwards as they will often not seal properly with the weight of the nozzle so you end up holding the hose to take the weight off the filler with one hand while pressing the button with the other. Doesn't happen often though as most Continental pumps have very long hoses although I did find one in Germany last weekend with a hose only 2m long (and a warning on the pump telling you not to try to stretch it....).

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Gosh - what a lot of writing on such an innocent bit of plastic ! Got to throw in my oar. My cap is the original - 10 years old now - came with the kit - fits perfectly - sometimes a job to unclip when mud and stuff jams it and only once did I nearly leave it behind but by chance realised and went back for it ! And there's more ! One day at the pump I found that some other poor bugger had left his behind, so I have a spare ..................