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Recently bought a 1987 Mercedes 300TD in mint condition. One owner and full maintenance history from day one. Included in the receipts is one that was for “front driver side carpet stained” on the day after vehicle was collected by original owner.
What makes this car unique is that Mercedes only brought the 300TD (w124 model) into the USA for one year In 1987. This car is flawless. Also have a 2004 Landcruiser that the wife drives or is used around the farm.
Sold the Westminster last fall to someone who really wanted it badly......
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I got too much to list, but then much of it is stuff I've gathered over the years to refurb it, eventually use it, but knowing if it has to go, will not lose much of its value.
The RR stays, as well as the '95 S6 C4 20vt (to finish interior and bodywork), and the '83 280ZX (must undergo full resto, someday). The ones to go, somehow, are the '97 A6 C4 2.8 30v which is a current runabout, the S6 Plus that is almost complete, and the HZJ which I never managed to travel the world with :-(
The woman has a '04 Micra K12 1.2 auto which in spite of everything known and said has been utterly reliable, and which she never plans to part with, but now is nagging me to search for a nice Lexus CT200h for non-city use (she don't really like my stuff and don't drive except in long trips when I need to rest).
Don't have photos uploaded at the moment ...