The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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Dave at East Coast is a fantastic guy to deal with, I've had quite a few bits from him for assorted cars, everything from bits of trim and a sunroof cassette to a complete 4.6 engine. He may be the best part of 100 miles from me but worth the drive. He buys P38's and, depending on the state of them either dismantles them for spares or restores them to near new condition.

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Did you check out the guys I mentioned in post 34?

I can lend you one to get you out of a hole.

+1 on Gilbertd’s recommendation too, I have bought a few things from him, good to deal with.

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yes i did , they have bosch ones only on the web site , i have not rang them but i will do .i do have a maf on loan at present , thanks for the offer David. i was going to buy a cheap chinese one but i think il go second hand if i can find one