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Whilst I know all on here are NANO officionados has anyone dabbled/tried this on our beasts ?


Handles the crucial ISO9141 protocol. hence my question.....

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The listing seems a bit vague/confused on what years of vehicle it will work on. Some bits it says post 1999, other bits post 2005. Listing seems a bit of a copy/paste job.

Also this bit "1. No Internet Connecting, Or it will make damage to JLR Mangoose!!!" would suggest theres a good possibility that its not legitimately licensed software (the price suggests that may be the case as well). Theres similar hacked versions of VCDS about that do work, but have the same restrictions (only use the supplied software with the lead etc).

No I haven't used/seen it (just for clarity) but maybe someone else has done and will post back. I'd suspect your probabbly out of luck on it as the pinout for a lot of the systems other than the engine isn't even the same as other Land Rover models (even the P38 and the Disco 2 don't use the same lead for the nano due to that).

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My Nano works on both my GEMS P38, and the Disco 2, with the same cable. I think the P38 cable works for both, but the Disco cable doesn't work on the P38. IIRC the P38 cable costs a bit more.

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In one of the reviews it also says it works with any model after 2005 by which time it was JLR. The P38 is BMW/LR really.

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Yes, at $40 I assumed it was a (cheap) clone of something, but I have now ordered one anyway and if I can get it to do something useful will let you all know ! l also suspect it will be a PITA to set it up, and at best will give the same results as a (cheap) Code Reader too (?) We will see.

Their ISO9141 reference implies it will deal with earlier P38 systems (eg. SRS) albeit on a diiferent pinout to standard OBD arrangement.

This is the Legit stuff:


..but which does not actually list JLR in their "Sell Sheet" mentioned !

However, and also for the more serious dabblers only...

ie. JLR changed their protocols..... !