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Another lockdown job.
I am into 3d printing and having bought a new UV resin printer, I have revisited an old project.
I did the drawing for the 3 gears in the blend motors and produced the .stl files to print out the gears a while back.
I originally tried to print them using ABS filament on my old printer but the resolution for printing small parts was not good enough.
My new resin printer is far better for small parts.

Blend Motor Gears

The genuine parts are on the left in the picture and my copies are on the right.
Not there yet, it needs a few more tweeks to match them more closely.
The resin is described as equivalent in strength to ABS.
I was going to use the shank of a suitable drill bit for the shaft.

Is there any interest in these parts? If so I will supply the files.
Constructive comments welcome.

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Out of interest, what resin printer have you gone for?

Very interested in the results - we have a filament printer (started life as a Tronxy XY2 but it has been modified a fair bit since), but resin printers do look interesting.

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Hi Sloth, I bought an Elegoo Mars printer on Amazon.
The resin is quite expensive at £35 /L. There are also some post printing treatment steps. The print needs to be washed then UV cured.
I use IPA in an ultrasonic bath then I use a UV light box to finish off the curing.

I built my own Reprap fused filament printer a number of years back, based on an Ordbot Hadron. It worked well for larger parts.
However the Arduino electronics proved very unreliable and I got pissed off with it. I haven't touched it for 2 years.
Another lockdown job is to replace the 8 bit Arduino with a 32 bit Duet board.

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This is a good idea, lately I've had a couple of A8s in the shop and the gears that move the display in and out tend to strip teeth every few years. If you can get the size right, I think is a good idea for those whose motors are still alive!