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Hello fellow P38 owners. Just saying a quick hello for now as I also sorta / kinda move over from the other forum.

I own a 1999 Thor which is now a parts vehicle and a 2001which has been my daily driver since I bought it about 3 years back.

When I got the 2nd RR I went through and took all that I had learned from the first truck and off the forum and and replaced all the usual issues, including the entire coolant system and all the hoses before they could bite me. Since then I really just drive the thing and enjoy it. Just swapped it back to EAS as well!

Many of you, on the other forum, have really been a big help when it was needed. A big thank you for that.

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Welcome to the pub!
It is a shame to see just how badly a new website owner can screw up a good thing.
Thankfully, a few of the folks who were banned for life got together and opened this site. It's a great group.

Good to have you aboard!

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Welcome, you were one of the few, rapidly diminishing, sensible members on there. It's very sad in a way that it has declined as much as it has but it is entirely down to the owners. I was searching for some information on a minor issue on my partners Merc SLK and I found a forum called SLKWorld. Layout looked very familiar and it looked like the old admin had moved over there. Fill in your profile, tell us where you are, search for the answer, etc.but no useful information.

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Hello again I don't need to say much as basically it's the same family in a different house ----- it's great 👍👍👍👍

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I recognise your name. Welcome to the pub.

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Welcome ... I am of the "new breed", never been other there lol
Good another Thor ... we are mighty!

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Thanks everyone!

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This place is a nice find and I'm finding out more and more. I'm glad I got the invite before I lost patience over on the dark side haha