The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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An interesting and humerous read.

i was approached and asked to join this forum and i'm pleased I was.

I'd liken this forum to a village with the other being a city. It's much easier to solve a problem and get the right knowledge with only a few cooks. Larger communities seem to have more monkeys than organ grinders.

Only in America could someone get a bee in their bonnet about people getting their free information for free elsewhere.

Nowt so queer as folk.

Thumbs up for Gilbert!

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Blimey, talk about communism

Here are a few tips and pointers that we hope will help give you the best possible experience participating in this online community.

LOOK BEFORE YOU ASK: These forums are intended to complement the main site http://rangerovers.net. Before you ask a question, you should SEARCH through the main site, as well as previous forum posts, to avoid repeated questions about the same issues. Especially check the sections of the site covering common problems and fixes, maintenance and repair details, outfitting and upgrades. If you have posted please refrain from "bumping" your topic. Give members a chance to respond. "Bumps" will be deleted as seen by mods.

AVATARS: Please keep your avatars tasteful and appropriate. We reserve the right to delete any that are obscene or tasteless.

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LOCATION: It really helps if you add a real location to your profile. Many answers can vary according to your market and regional laws, especially if you are asking a technical or buying related question.

PLEASE AVOID PROFANITY. Any posts including insulting or profane language will be arbitrarily edited or deleted without apology and without warning. Offenders may also have their accounts deactivated at a moderators discretion.

AVOID ALL CAP POSTING. There is never a need to post with caps lock on. Same with bolding large sections of type or jumping between fonts. It only makes a post difficult to read.

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Best one is the copyright. Idiots

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thankyou for the invite . as toady would say search is your friend , new saying ,where are my friends (crying imoji)

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Welcome to the opposition! Taswegians must be welcome, if they will let a grumpy old Yank in!
I am sure that there will be many more defections in the very near future!
Heck, I do believe Toad is already a member here!
Just looked....Yep # 194 and it's RRTOADHALL in all caps, so I do believe he was serious about it!

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He's never posted though and there was some discussion if it really was him or just somebody using his name. But for a while it did seem pretty obvious he was keeping an eye on what was being said here.

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Hmmm.. I like that rr.net "Tips and Pointers" list......... especially the Profanity and Avatars parts....

"....'Oh lorde'.... ".... anyone remember Toad's 'Comic Nazi' avatar ?"

Clearly that list of RULES is straight from Toad too.... as it has his unmistakable stink of hypocrisy !

Can't really see him ever posting on here though, except to admit he has been a complete and utter &%^* to numerous real P38 enthusiasts !?

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Just to show how this site is run with completely the opposite mindset to RR.net, maybe you should create a means to make someone a member for life whether they like it or not! ;-)

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Looks like you're back in business again Richard? I see your replies on the check the brake lines thread...

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For a short time after Gilbertd initially got banned, I was on there as Imonlyaguest (being slightly tongue in cheek) but when I forgot the password I discovered I'd used an email address that had since been turned off so couldn't use the, I forgot my password option, as it sent the reset info to an account I no longer had. I only registered that to see if I could as RRToadhall told me that my IP address had been logged so I wouldn't be able to register a different name. Knowing that all my IP address would tell him was that I was registering from a BT Internet account somewhere in the East of England, I let him think I had gone. After I lost Imonlyaguest, I registered as Richard_G instead and have been using that ever since on there but Gilbertd everywhere else. Oddly, I received PM's from a number of people that realised it was the same person, I mean, there aren't that many people in the East of England with an ex-police P38 who regularly drives it across Europe and writes in my, slightly sarcastic, style. If RRTH ever worked it out for himself, he never said anything (but he's probably too thick). The names come from being Richard but known as Dick at work, to the extent that our IT department gave me Gilbertd as my log in on our internal system.

This is part of the reason I'm having constant digs at them at the moment. I honestly don't care if RR.net folds even if losing the content generated by John Brabyn and others will be a great loss (although we do have it still courtesy of Wayback), but I'm really hoping they adopt my suggested wording for the site introduction. It'll be amusing to know they are using wording suggested by someone they banned for life......

At the end of the day, there aren't many jobs on a P38 I haven't had to do at some time or another so they, or at least some of the members, need me and my knowledge based on experience more than I need them.