Pierre3 wrote:

When I start Nanny I get a couple of headings such as Motronic, Bosch and EDC, after selecting the car - P38. After choosing EDC there are four heading - EDC [again, I think it said], Wabco C, Wabco D, and the gearbox [ I think I have the Wabco letters correct].

I have been through all the headings but nowhere is there anywhere to change these settings. In fact, I can't see where I can do things that people have mentioned - such as turning on the aircon, or unlocking the tailgate - stuff like that.

Jacckk has hit the nail on the head. You are only seeing the first page of systems, Engine, the two options for ABS and Gearbox. By using the green arrow you will scroll across ad see the other stuff, HEVAC, EAS and the all important in this case, BECM. To connect to all other systems the ignition needs to be switched on with the key in position 2 (or the engine running) but to connect to the BeCM, the ignition needs to be OFF.