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Hi, I am looking for a hint / tip for a good and easy pick up point for the 12V ignition fed 15+ for an additional warning light / led which I am going to install in the instrument cluster.
It will indicate low coolant level, as I installed already a different head tank with sensor. The RR Classic had this feature and I think its with the effort.
As everything in the P38 is switched to ground by the BECM I am hesitant to just cut in an existing line?
Any good starting points? The typical cigar lighter hack?
What do You guys recommend?
THX in advance
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Easiest place, and closest to the instrument cluster, would be the white wire that goes to the EAS inhibit switch which comes directly from F17. It feeds the inhibit switch, the height switch, the HEVAC and brake light switch and is fused at 10A.

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Gr8! Sounds like an easy place and I have to remove the centre part anyway, to change some bulbs in two switches.
Planned to install a buzzer in the centre, too. So perfect place.
Thanks for the fast reply!