The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's
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I refrain from publishing my expenses so far ...

BTW that website has some stuff that is interesting ... prices are dead low - pity transport which is no less than 600 euro if I remember, which means must be something worth

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Copart is where the insurance write offs go, so lots of damaged but repairable cars on there and some, such as stolen and recovered where the insurance company have already paid out to the owner, that have little or no damage at all. Others are main dealer trade ins and cars submitted by private sellers. Prices have gone up in the last few years as the damaged ones are bought by the transporter load and taken to Poland and Lithuania to be either stripped and sold off as spares or repaired and bought back. Anything with a VW or Peugeot/Citroen diesel engine in it gets snapped up for more than you would think it is worth. I sold an old Citroen C5 diesel for a mate and it was bought by a Lithuanian who told me that he could sell the alternator and starter for 100 Euros each, 500 Euros for the engine, another 250 for the gearbox and so on. Considering he bought the whole car in a state where he could drive it to Lithuania for £500, he was going to make a fortune on it.