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This is one of those Things that make you go "Hmmmmm...?"

Actually it is not making me go Hmmmmmmm? any more, it is now making me go "ARRGHHHhhhh!!!"
EAS on Bolt (02) has been flawless for a long time.
It has been cold (28-40F) lately, as well as wet.
Loaded up the wife and mutts and took a run to our favorite Fish & Chips shop. Made it about 2 of the 3 miles back and suddenly got an
EAS FAULT message on the dash. All lights on selector flashing, and extended height indicator on cluster.
No worries thinks I, Just plug in the trusty Nano, and sort this out.....Easy....... NOT easy......
The Nano initialises, I select EAS with engine running and all doors closed, select faults, the fault screen comes up, and the Nano promptly reboots itself!. I tried multiple times and it either reboots, or just shuts down when i try to read faults.
If I try to look at any of the other EAS screens, it simply freezes on that screen, and does not display any data.
I have to unplug the Nano to get it to reboot.
Nano reads engine, SRS, HVAC, Trans, etc no problem. Just throws a wobbly on the EAS.

As it is a dark and stormy night, I did not get under the bonnet, but as it was sudden onset, I am thinking water in connector, but which one?? and why would this cause the Nano to have such a dramatic shutdown?
Any thoughts?

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As for the Nano issue you may be aware Bolt the EAS deploys a pair of 'dedicated' pins on the OBD connector; Start there (they can corrode/break).....

As for the fault itself - if not the connectors in the EAS box under the bonnet (check/clean) then also check that the EAS ECU connector under the seat too.

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Odd one, I've had Unable to connect to ECU and that can usually be sorted with a squirt of contact cleaner in the OBD port and I've had the Nano freeze on me so I've had to unplug it and plug it back in but never had it reboot. I would suspect water in a height sensor or connection if it was that wet and the fault would be caused by the ECU seeing an implausible signal from the sensor. As they are under the car a lot more likely than the other connections to get wet.

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I had a similar issue with the EAS being allergic to water, it turned out to be an iffy height sensor.

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Well.....In the immortal words of Homer Simpson...."DOH!!"
Once I swapped the standard 4 pin relay for the timer relay.......I was of course able to connect to Nano.
Fault showed as "Compressor always on" Which it is not. Cycles just fine, but I will swap the pressure switch just in case it is getting a bit sticky.
Odd that the nano just shut down? It's never done that in the past when I forgot the timer was out.
Just a new behavior to be aware of I suppose.
Also, even though it was in hard fault, when I started it this morning (with 4 pin relay in place) it did it's normal little jink
up and down to level out from the nights cold.
All good for now. Sorry for the false alarm, however, I will be getting a new set of sensors as I believe the ones on it are OEM and with 170k miles, they are probably ready.
Thanks for the help!

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My vogue kept having was fault --- it was plug connector by pump ---- ended up redoing the wires with another connector block 🙄 real pain but problem gone ----- always seems to get problems in the dark or rain or cold never ona nice sunny day ----- such is life

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Not sure why Bolt but I can certainly imagine Homer having a P38.....
something to do with his "it seemed like a good idea at the time" approach maybe ?

So it was just the 4-pin relay causing the (main) Nano problem ??....
yes well... we have all done similar 'bits of self-sabotage' whilst diagnosing stuff - of course !