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From ad on FB

2002 Land Rover Range Rover · Suv · Driven 90,000 miles

Selling my fully sorted 2002 P38 Borrego with 90K miles in unparalleled condition. Fully sorted over the past 3 years of ownership. The is a true turn key and go P38. EVERYTHING functions as it should. This is for a true P38 collector who wants a rare model. Only 100 were ever made. I am asking $26,900 USD with little room to negotiate. Here is what has been done in my ownership by a top Rover specialist in Flemington, NJ:

August 2017:
New rear suspension air bags
New rear suspension height sensors
New fuse block and relays
New passenger side HVAC blower motor
Rebuilt HVAC screen
New ABS accumulator
Pre-owned hurricane wheels installed
New headliner
New wipers
New cabin filters
New tires
New fluids
New main accessory belt, idler pulleys and tensioner
AC charge

September 2017:
New paint, bare metal re-spray - about 80% of truck
Replace side moldings

October 2017:
New EAS compressor
Rebuilt EAS valve block
Clear sunroof drains
Seal cabin filter case to bulkhead
New glove box do

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Other than a respray, just routine maintenance really.....

But he's in the US (I assume), so anything can happen.

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Must be canary yellow then?

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They call it AA yellow, probably because AA means nothing in the US. All you'd need over here is a beacon on the roof. Although the Borrego was also available in red.

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Hmmmmmm....... Keep us posted as to if it sells?
I do not do FB or any other social media for that matter.
It would greatly interest me to know if and for how much it sells for.
My "Borrego Yellow" Borrego is in perfect shape as well. All working and 125k miles.
I would not be adverse to selling it and for anything above 20k? I would be a happy chappy!
It does seem, as has been noted in this forum several times, that good, clean, stock working examples are indeed claiming
some decent prices as they get harder to locate.
Time will tell!
Gilbert, I have never seen or heard of a RED Borrego?? Out of the 100 made, (One for each main dealer in NA)
how many were not Borrego yellow? Not Borrego yellow? Not a Borrego QED (Big claims need big proofs)
Oh, For the record, I have parked next to an stock "AA Yellow" Classic, and they are subtly different.
Also, It is not as much of a mystery "over here" just what "AA" stands for. We have had the "AAA" here since 1902
(For those on the other side of the ditch, AAA means American Automobile Association)

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Bolt, you are absolutely correct (see http://rrnet.gadsdenrovers.com/modelspecs/2002.html). I was only repeating misinformation from someone on the dark side. As the Borrego was a US only model, I (wrongly) assumed they knew what they were talking about.

AA yellow and Borrego Yellow have different paint codes too.