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Hi Guys
Removed Viscous Fan a while back, car is much quieter, about 1.5mpg better and there is now access to the front of the engine
I has not been that warm in UK so car temperature reading normal
Now with all this extra time we find our self's with i am trying to utilize the AirCon fans just in case it ever gets warm (global warming etc)
I have a MY2000 RR with has the extra switch in the head which is an on/off switch at 105°C (i believe), is there a lower rating switch? Can this be changed with Nanocom?
Or has anybody any better ideas? Or should i just buy an electric fan Kit?

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You won't have any trouble as long as you keep moving. I'm not up on diesels but on a petrol engine you will over heat in stop and go traffic or while off roading in warmer weather.

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The condenser fans don't shift enough air to be of any use. Sloth put an electric fan on his car and did a write up on it a while ago, see https://rangerovers.pub/topic/534-v8-electric-fan-conversion on a V8 but shouldn't be any different.

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all will be good until you need to use your rover ,climb a hill, tow a trailer, drive in the direction the wind is going and then you will understand that thermo fans are , whats the word , that's right, useless . i have tried it others i know have done it all have the same result, ok until you need to do something and then they do not have the capacity to do the job. i highly recommend you do not fit an aux fan to any working vehicle . ok for the boy racer that does blokies and can stop when needed no good in a 4wd . that's my 2cents worth , sorry it's not what you wanted to hear.
PS put your fan back on .

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I have got the diesel and I have wired up the aircon fans with a manual overide switch to supplement the cooling. The fans still work as they were designed with the aircon but I can also switch them to full speed/half speed/auto. Auto has a thermal switch fitted in the radiator top hose.
It is never needed driving solo in UK weather, but towing in 40 deg C weather on the continent it has come on. My engine is also chipped and puts out nearly 50% more power.
I have also kept the viscous fan. It is far more powerful than the aircon fans.
If your vicous fan was noisy there was something wrong with it. I can't hear mine normally. When running hot, the viscous unit grips and the fan comes on with a faint roar under the bonnet. Yours must have been on all the time particularly if it reduced mpg. Best thing is to replace the viscous unit and re fit it.
There is a temperature sensor in the head that is wired back to the BECM and FIP and god knows what that monitors the engine temp. I know the engine power is cut automatically if it detects it overheating. Don't mess with it would be my advice. Could cause unforseen problems.