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As above, I think the time to be realistic has arrived.

We’ve got 5 Series 2B Forward Controls all in varying states of disrepair.

A rolling chassis with axles, chassis and cab.

A 2.6 Ex-GPO Cherry Picker

A South African tour bus

A normal pick up version with drop sides (stripped with a new chassis)

An ex-Scottish Water mobile workshop (chassis was extended by Scottish Water) now just a flat body on the back. Engine remove but have a spare 2.6 engine.

There’s a few old pictures on page 2 of this thread:


None of these are working or driving and will need to be collected on a transporter or trailer. I could possibly deliver within an agreed distance of Glasgow where these are located.

I have no idea what they are worth so this thread is more intended to gauge interest and canvas opinions on values. I’m pondering the idea of keeping the one that’s been stripped to try and get time to build it but the others I’m not going to get near I don’t think.

Would appreciate peoples thoughts as I really don't know what the market is like.


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I came to the same point with my 2A last year. It was in great shape and I got a decent dollar for it, but I have no idea what a non running forward control is worth. They might be pretty sought after as overlanders.

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You can pretty much bet that whatever price you ask --- running or not ---- They will pay
Those things up in value like series land rovers ---- God knows why they're awful --- slow leak are about as waterproof as a tea bag
But for some reason Very desirable
The cheapest landys are p38s but these are slowly gaining in value