Having also got fed up with some interfering, self centred, redneck moderator with nothing better to do, I'm on here as well. Richard Gilbert although known at work as Dick (hence Gilbertd), I've currently got an ex-police (so with a very odd spec) R reg (98 model but built in October 97) 4.0 P38 on LPG and have no intention of selling it ever. Currently showing 307,000 miles, but with a nice new engine from V8 Developments (highly recommended) 20,000 miles ago. Just got to keep replacing the other bits that are wearing out. Also got a 97 4.0SE that I bought with the intention of sorting the odd little problems and flogging it on for a profit. But like all great plans, the thing had been so neglected that as fast as I sorted one problem, two more appeared so it's currently getting the better bits swapped onto the ex-plod before it goes to a local Indie who breaks them for spares. Oh yes, and I previously had a 93 Classic LSE, also on LPG, so know a bit about them too.