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Dear All,
My front fog lamp switch is not working the lamps, so I want to remove it but i don't want to have to remove the whole switch panel from the middle of the dashboard. Does anyone have any quick tip as to how to prise out these switches? A pair of feeler gauges stuck down top and bottom? I remember when I looked at them when I had the dash out i thought it could be done but have so far failed. a way of removing them in situ and forwards would be really good.

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I know of no way to remove the switches except by getting the console in the dash off.
They fit from the rear, not the front, and the switches are actually larger than the hole you see in the dash :-)

I have to take everything off to replace a couple burnt bulbs, but the price of these is staggering so I am ... delaying that.

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That didn't seem to match up with my memory so I just checked a couple of spare switches I have in a spare surround and they definitely push in from the front. However, looking at the way they clip in, I don't think you'd be able to release the clips with feeler gauges and, even if you can, you'd still need some means of getting hold of them to pull them out without damaging them.

Yes, the price of replacement bulbs is ridiculous and for some reason, the green ones are 4 times the price of the orange ones.

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I have just replaced to top section of the centre console, and I can confirm Richard advice that the switches all push in from the front, and I really don't think that you will successfully get them out using feeler gauges. You won't get the large EAS switch out because it uses metal spring type anchors and if you push them from the front then they will just hop off and disappear down the back of the console.

To be honest it is not a big deal removing the top section. You just work from the centre storage box, remove about 6 or 7 screws and you will be able to lift out the top section of trim. If you want to be really carefully [this is how I did it] you remove the panel under the steering wheel [4x screws], remove the instrument binnacle surround [4x screws], and make sure that you take out the screw that holds the top section behind the binnacle surround.

When I did mine I found that the lug under the binnacle surround had been broken already, but I am pleased to say that the replacement trim panel that I refitted has all the fixing lugs still attached.

It's not a big job, just needs a bit of care disconnecting all the plugs. I marked all mine with electrical marker numbers so that I would ensure that everything was reconnected correctly.