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Mirafiori-Max wrote:

The cars I had until now mainly needed a set of spanners and a welder, but with this one I am staring at excel spreadsheets for hours...^^ Well, that´s evolution for you....

That's progress for you. I was at my trailer hire place today and they were quoting for a towbar fit to a Mazda. Apparently, you can't just tack the wiring onto the rear lights these days, you need a special programmable Canbus box and something as simple as probing a wire to see if it is live is enough to cause a fault requiring diagnostics to clear the fault.

Another, maybe not connected, thing is that when I open the driver (left) door, the inner light does not come on and the opening of the door is not recorded by the EAS ECU, so no inhibiting of function. But in the BECM Menu, I can see that the "Door ajar" switch is functioning properly. As far as I know the BECM send that signal to the EAS ECU....could that be related and point toward some kind of intermittent electrical problem or is that something else...?

If the light doesn't come on when you open the door, the door ajar switch isn't doing what it should irrespective of what the BeCM thinks.....

P.S. The forum response time seems extremely slow since yesterday or is that just me?

Yes, I've noticed that too. I'm using Firefox with the forum permanently open in one tab. If I hit the Firefox Refresh button, it takes about a minute for the page to refresh and show me if there are any new posts. However, if I click on Range Rover P38 at the top of the page, it refreshes instantly. I've emailed Gordon (the man that looks after the server and software side of things) and he is looking into it.

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You’re not boring anyone. I enjoy reading the troubleshooting process. It will be helpful the next time someone has a similar issue.

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Hi just wanted to give a small update:

I tightened the connector pin sockets in the 13-Pin Connector which is in the EAS Box.
I didn´t mechanically check if they were loose, but I could see that the sockets were not too tight.

The drove for about an hour, logging all the data, no umcommanded height changes, system operating as intended.
Then went through all the log thoroughly and found the actual heights to be much closer to the target heights than before, also the rear left (which was mostly too high in all of the states) is now reigned in and much closer to the other corners.

There is still, though, the "invalid fault code", (which remains after clearing) but if that is what it needs to function properly then the system may happily keep it :-)

I am still only cautiously optimistic as I have had periods of error-free driving before but it would be great if that trick worked. I will continue to monitor the situation and give feedback here.

I will start another thread for the "door ajar" mismatch between EAS ECU and BECM, (and other woes), I guess for future reference it is best not to mix up topics too much in one thread....

greetings, Max.

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I always get the "invalid fault code" with both Nanocom & EAS-Unlock, even when the system is working perfectly.

My guess is there are codes in the ECU that were never figured out by Blackbox or RSW Solutions. Apparently Blackbox used an old T4 system to understand the ECU's, but you never know what else LR put in there. Would the ECU code to be disassembled & lots of decoding to figure it out, but probably not worth it.

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One thing I would like to add:

The ride state "levelling" which in my case occurs while driving and sends the car to the bump stops (preceeded by the stae "ECU wakeup"), is the state the EAS system is in when ignition is ON but engine OFF.
So would that be the state of "self-levelling" which occurs every couple of hours?

That could mean only two things:

Either there is some impulse from the delay timer relay to the ECU while driving (which would be some kind of fault in the timer circuit) OR the EAS ECU has some kind of fault going into that state uncommanded.

I still have the faint theory that the ECU is behaving erraticly and is therefore faulty.
But of course I am hoping tightening the 13-way connector in the EAS box cured the problem.
As long as the system works fine I don´t care how weirdly the ECU is behaving internally...sounds very human to me :-.)

@Pete reassuring to know the system can work perfectly with the "invalid fault code"