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As I love to have more than one can of worms open at the same time... Has anyone found a way to eliminate the potentiometers from the EAS Height sensors using a rotary encoder or the Hall effect sensors from the L332?

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Don't think anyone has tried it Chasman: Doubt you could assume the Hall Effect outputs would be near enough a match for the Pot. outputs for an (easy/ish) straight swap of course....

IIRC years ago someone actually built a programmable EAS ECU 'from scratch' -for the fun/hell of it - (although I also recall it was not very 'elegant') - so it is probably possible to add other kinds of height sensors at that level of design too... but just interfacing Hall Effect units to the existing EAS ECU could well be 'challenging' ?! ...

The need is not really there of course: The EAS ECUs are very reliable and the Pots. basic so why try to 'improve' them ?

Besides, as you know JLR do like 'to keep their little secrets' too so a circuit diagram of the ECU remains 'magic' !?

EDIT: Finally found just what I was talking about above - EAS redesign 'for the hell/fun of it.
I expect a similar (complex) hack would be needed for any different types of Height Sensor too:



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Not such a bad idea. Good quality sensors are getting pretty thin on the ground.
At some point, probably soon, we are going to need something other than the horrid chinese parts.
In the meantime, I am buying any sensors I can get when I visit the breakers. Used OE beats pattern parts
any day for these things.
Just thinking a bit, a small plug to plug module to interface a hall effect sensor and output the voltages
a pot would do should not be too hard? May need to add a hot lead at each sensor to power it?
I agree, the ECU itself rarely gives issues.

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Well these Pots. are simply 'voltage dividers' anyway and so - at least in theory ! - a 'plug compatible' Hall Effect/Magnetic arrangement could be devised easily enough - for instance with an additional local (waterproofed !) op. amp module (?).
But the problem remains making the outputs compatible/comparable enough to those of the Pots...... and that might well mean 'hacking' the ECU to suit them - not to mention having to replace all four sensors !

Besides used Pots. are $20 and new (cheap) ones $50 of course.