The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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For anyone unaware and who has the need for that particular faciility..... and not just for P38s:-

Two main types:
Bluetooth/ Phone app.
eg. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ARCELI-Bluetooth-Wireless-Diagnostic-Analyzer-Black/dp/B09YTWJ6BL

eg: https://www.quicklynks.com/pro_show.php?id=159

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcNR2Gs6oQI

  • Not a P38 obviously - it's on an EV - so many (ICE) features don't work..
  • and not a quiet enviroment either.... Gulls and sirens optional ?? Squaaaarrrkkkk !

'Wireless'/ Standalone
(NOTE: 433mhz..!!... so might be tricky if it keeps waking up your BeCM...
particulary if you don't have a 3rd-generation Rcvr. or Marty's box...)


Typically draw a few mA

Amazon ads. above but multiple (much cheaper) variants on e-bay of course.....

Wish I had one of these years ago, it would have saved me about 25 times what these cost !?

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I have phone app one fitted.
Don’t really use it much now as Marty’s RF Filter sorted out my battery drain issues 💪👍🤞

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The Bluetooth ones would be a waste of time for most people due to the lack of range. One quotes a range of 33 feet, yeah right, in a straight line with nothing between you and the car (and if you fit it under the bonnet the range would be more like 3 feet). As for the 433 version, that would probably cause the problem you are trying to monitor.

I doubt anyone on here suffers battery drain problems these days now everyone knows what causes it and how to stop it. My Ascot will sit for at least 4 weeks, sometimes longer, and still has enough in the battery to start it.

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Yes obviously the BT one would have limited range under the bonnet (so I did not bother and used the cigg. lighter outlet instead
with box on top of dash). Works up to 20 feet like that, depends on local RF noise of course. I use the 433Mhz unit with (old) receiver
turned off via RF relay, very handy indeed (at least for me). Pretty sure many on here still don't have a Gen3 Rcvr. or Marty's box either.

As stated it does not have to be on a P38; Was very handy over winter on other vehicles too, notably with intermittent faults etc
and/or or less-than-perfect batteries (and has saved a problem for me like that at least once and for neighbours twice - so far )....