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The EAS Compressor on the wife's 99 was reported to be making a lot of noise, and indeed it was....
So, I swapped in a rebuilt pump, and thought problem solved.
New pump does the same thing.
It seems like the pressure switch is not operating and the compressor is jumping around on its mounts and struggling.
Tried sending it to access, then back to extended height, and compressor seemed happier. For a few minutes.
One of the valves is ticking constantly once it gets to height. Wife took mine, and nano is in it, so just guessing right now.
I have a spare valve body, so will swap it out. See if the issue changes.

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I'd agree. The only time I've been able to stall one is when testing after a rebuild and they will normally get up to about 17-18 bar before calling it a day. So letting air out and seeing if it runs normally, for a while anyway, seems like a good plan.

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Problem solved!
I swapped in a spare valve body and controller module and the issues have vanished!
The compressor did have one of the tightest piston seals I have seen, so I had put it on a bench supply
and ran it unloaded until the current draw got reasonable before the initial install and tests.
Road tested, and watched Nano for compressor run time. Probably only 10% duty cycle if that now. Happy!

I made a test rig and checked the suspect pressure switch against 2 others and found
that it was not closing. Gave it a tap, and got it to operate, but it was very intermittent at 150-160Psi.
Bad switch would certainly account for the 2 compressors trying to jump off their mounts when the pressure
went too high.
The original valve controller also seems to have an issue, as when it reached the target height, it cycles the
RH front valve about once a second.....again intermittently. It has been tagged!

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Good news.

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The new valve body and controller seem to have addressed the odd valve twitching behavior......
As for the compressor stalling? It turned out the rotor had a shorted winding, and 1/4 of the motor had pretty much stopped working.
This gave me a very lumpy power delivery and caused the compressor to jump around.
SO, I put in my "Good Spare" compressor which worked for a couple of days, then started exhibiting the same
Jumpy behavior!
I thought that it was VERY unlikely that both of them had the same issue, and I was correct! The spare had an
intermittently sticking brush, so would run fine for a bit, then bog down and rattle like it was possessed!
I cleaned the commutator, and put a bell end with good brushes on, and it is now sweet as a nut!
In the last week, I have repaired more DC PM motors than I have in the last 40 years!
Starting with a totally fried armature in the motor for my Davit on the boat, then the anchor windlass wanted new brushes.
Of course, all the motor dramas were on the Missus car, so that got priority!
Seems all good now, so will take it for a couple hundred mile spin tomorrow.
Going to bring the known good compressor from the 02..........I am not completely silly!