I'm Martin - or Marty as known by most people I work with and in the RR community. I grew up in New Zealand and moved to the UK in 2009.

My claim to fame is that I've only ever owned P38's - currently I'm on my 3rd as a daily driver, and have 2 more that are restoration projects as and when I get time around my real job of being a Lighting Designer/Technician and A/V Technician.

My first P38 was a 1995 4.6 HSE in Epsom Green, with the Dark Tan ('Saddle') Leather interior. I bought it (with a load from the bank!) when I was 21, much to the disapproval of my parents, and haven't looked back. A few years later I traded it in for a 1998 4.6 HSE, in Cobar Blue with Lightstone Leather interior. I sold this one when I moved to the UK in 2009. I then had a break for a few years as I was establishing myself over here and getting work, but then took the plunge and bought my 3rd and current one. She is a 2001 4.6 Vogue in Java Black with Lightstone Leather. It came with all the Land Rover trimmings - front/rear light guards, wraparound nudge bar with spotlights, side steps. Internally it has wood everywhere, and personally I love it. Not to everyone's taste, but it's nice to drive, and I've done far too much to it now to get rid of it!!

I specialise in the electronic side of things - I have Nanocom diagnostics, that are unlocked for all P38s, and also specialist BECM programming equipment. I also refubish a variety of P38 parts from EAS compressors, to window switchpacks, and door latches. I also do LED conversions for most of the interior switches/instrument clusters to 'modernise' the interior of the P38 a bit from the dull factory green, and hopefully keep the P38 looking as sharp inside as the newer ones.