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Hi - I've just picked up a reversing camera with a 4.3 inch screen. I'm hoping to fit the screen somewhere around the recess beside the clock but as I'm awaiting delivery I'll have to play that one by ear. Has anyone else done this?

Although I suspect that some of you may scorn at this idea, I am keen to do it - I'm pretty good at knowing where the edges are but in an attempt to avoid possible car parking problems £27 seemed like a good investment :)

I originally thought of putting in sensors but the idea of irreversibly drilling 4 holes in the rear bumper was a bit of a no-no for me. I still have to drill a hole (beside the door button) in the tailgate but this looks quite straightforward.

I've just had the inside cover off the bottom tailgate where there is a electric connector to the reversing light with 4 small white wires numbered (L-R) 3, 4, 1 and 13 (with 1 and 13 seemingly sharing a connection). Can anyone please point me towards the wire to use to power the camera? Had a good look at RAVE but can't see any wiring info that helps - I found the wiring diagram and connector C0489 details but they are less than helpful in indicating which small wire does what!

Thanks in advance


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You might need a cable extension.

The radio I fitted came with a reversing camera but the cable was too short to reach from the tailgate to the dashboard

I fitted the camera to the plastic handle in the upper tailgate, ran the cable round the driver's side of the tailgate and up to the rubber bit that gets the wiring to the roof. From there it went to the passenger side, down the pillar and behind the boot trim and down the side the car with the wiring in the floor.

It ended somewhere around the front passenger seat and the manufacturer of the camera didn't offer an extension so I got from eBay. I never got around to fitting it though!

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All the tailgate wires are white as a security measure (so nobody can identify the wire that opens the tailgate if you ground it). Why not just turn the ignition on, put it in reverse and see which of the 4 wires is live?

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cheers chaps. I probably have an extension if needed (perks of being a redundant gadget hoarder!)

I will just have to identify the live wire as you suggest - just thought that as they were numbered it might be easy to tell.