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Tried fitting a front drive shaft oil seal, FTC4822, this afternoon. I put the seal, described by LRDirect as OE, in the freezer and heated up the housing and met with no success.
Measuring the housing and seal showed a .6mm difference. The old FTC3452 was fine so I wish I hadn't bothered.

Should I just pay the money for LR or are Bearmach any better?

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Gilbertd gave me a seal for the rear driveshaft but I don't remember the brand. I think it began with M and came in a red plastic bag.

I didn't have to heat up or freeze anything, it just tapped in to place.

I'm not sure if the front and rear ones are different but I'd happily fit the same brand Gilbertd gave me again. Hopefully he'll be along to say what it was!

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The rear seals I've always used are Corteco from Island but they don't list a Corteco for the front.

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The oe one on LRdirect does say its supplied by Britpart, though that may not mean anything much.

I've generally found no issues with the Bearmach parts, they fit and work but don't think I replaced the seal when we last had it apart so can't say if those are any better.

Microcat seems to suggest the rears are different, two numbers are shown, FTC2803 (-(A)51S36868A) superceeded to FTC5209 after that. But it also describes them as being for the front/rear hubs. But lists a different seal for the front driveshafts which matches the numbers you have above.