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Told you last nights thread was the first of many daft questions...


Looking on the Island 4x4 website, there are 3 different makes of thermostat. They range from £11.66 for a Shitpart one, £13.99 for an AllMakes 4x4 one, up to £73.33 for a Genuine LR one (Plus VAT).

Usually I try and stick to Genuine LR, especially where the cooling system is concerned but at almost 7 times the price, it's a huge difference.

Anybody got any thoughts?


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There are certainly differences in them.

Several years back now, Marty and I found a casting fault in the one on my RR that was blocking most of the heater return, and all we had to hand was a Britpart one new in box. Turns out it's an 82c stat Vs the 95 odd of a proper LR one. I know what rave says about the opening temps, but two personal examples both with brand new LR stats only let a decent amount of flow through when it's up at 95-6.

I much prefer my lower temp unit along with the custom electric fan setup. Cycles nicely.

On a brand new engine... I don't know. I want to try and source some more 82c units to have some spare.