The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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She passed with two advisories..

Anti Roll Bar linkage ball joint has slight play offside front


It’s a Land Rover so it’s got an oil leak!

Over 20,000 miles done on Petrol no LPG fitted almost stock running. Bargain motoring and fun!

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Daft isn't it how much joy you get when a P38 exceeds expectations ;-)

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Ahem, not trying hard enough. Last Saturday but in all fairness, it's only done 19,000 in the last year......

enter image description here

Admittedly I did expect him to find something that I hadn't noticed but he couldn't and was pretty gobsmacked too when he saw the mileage.

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True but I have had mine for two years and it’s been off the road for 6 months. My p38 is making me a mechanic!

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That’s a fantastic testament to your ownership....
Well done..

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Only 2 hard working man made objects have been known to withstand 20 years wear and tear and still work like new... Gilbert's P38 and Trigger's Brush ;-)