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Nooging around t'Bay tonight (22/08/2019) I was surprised to find 4, yup Four, Holland and Holland versions up for sale. At prices ranging from OK I guess to pushing it.

Given that there are only 100 around in the UK that sounds a high proportion looking for new owners in a random week.


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Saw that.
Price range is fairly large, as you say.
Worth a punt if you can get one for south of 6 bills I think....

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This one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RANGE-ROVER-P38-4-6-HOLLAND-AND-HOLLAND-2001-VERY-RARE-COLLECTIBLE-P38-R-R/323888589385 looks to be in need of more than the seller is telling. Unless it is parked on a slope, it looks like it is well down on the RH side (and as there are no pictures of that side you can't say for certain), book showing on the HEVAC, centre bulb out on the message centre, the sort of thing you'd expect on a P38 being sold by someone that doesn't really know, or care, about it. But worst of all, it'll need a complete respray as it's had the light guards fitted so each wing with have had a couple of holes drilled in them. I suspect a respray in the correct colour and finish will be getting on for at least half what he is asking for the car......

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There's actually 6 for sale on eBay at the moment. I think the fact that one dealer put two up for sale at 20k at the same time has brought them all out of the wood work. The prices of the two 20k ones have slowly dropped. If you look one really is in great condition but the second one has been messed around and wood painted badly. The other 4 seem more realistically priced but certainly aren't show winners. It still amazes me how low these prices are for really collectable automotive history compared to Defenders. I've recently managed to track down 24 H&Hs with 16 of these with factory TVs. I'm keen to locate more if anyone has any details.