The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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Mobile office concept and the price!

Prices generally seem to be on the up though!


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Yes, and that 'gem' has been on here before (Noel-Edmunds-Mobile)

With 'ancient' tech. of course..... whereby ancient means 20 years ago of course...
(so it probably fitted right in with the BeCM then !?)

EDIT: Can't find it from last time, (probably also under "WTF" or some such !?)

_"(we fitted) a new headlining as the original was sagging. We also repaired the defective cruise control, replaced some blend motors and 'O' rings in the dashboard, and fixed the air conditioning which had a leaking condenser. All pretty routine stuff for a P38! "

Yes - but 25 K !!?? Not sure I believed the 450K dvelopmemt costs either....

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I think it was in the thread called eBay finery if I remember correctly.