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The old bus passed her mot a week ago..

I've just checked the emissions sheet!!

And she passed with the skin on her teeth!!

enter image description here
enter image description here

I was amazed, they plugged in an OBD reader into her, plus a thermometer down the dipstick and the thing in the exhaust!!

Poor car!!


Not bad for being sat for upto 2 years though!


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Well done H,

at least there is one good reason to be cheerful!

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No she didn't, she met the requirements and those results are what I would expect to see running and being tested on petrol. HC figure is very good at 10 parts per million with a limit of 200 so you aren't burning any oil and petrol combustion is complete as it is a reading of the unburnt hydrocarbons in the exhaust. CO figure is normal and corresponds with the lambda showing it is running very slightly rich.

However, get it running properly on LPG and you'll see a much lower CO figure. Only downside is when things get really bad you can't commit suicide by running a hose from the exhaust because there's insufficient Carbon Monoxide to kill yourself with......