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1- Dunlop Air compressor to replace burnt out original
2- 4x Terrafirma Shock Absorbers -
3- Moog complete Steering track rod
4- Moog Complete Drag link
5- 2x replacement rear calipers + Mintex Pads + Rear discs "britpart"
6-2x Front brake pads "mintex"
7- Drop Link arms
8- Poly D bushes for anti roll bar.
9- Engine Oil - 10w40 + Mann filter - 2017
10- Terrafirma Steering Damper
11- Heater core O rings - Probably set a record for replacement, only took 25mins
12- BeCM rebuilt after DSP amp ruined it!
13- Driver side door latch rebuilt by MartyUK - still yet to be fitted!
14- 2nd hand drivers door lock + Keys and key barrel used to replace the door handle when I broke it!
15- Drivers door latch sourced and fitted "before Martin rebuilt my original;"
16- Britpart Radiator sourced to replace original after an idiot "me" slammed the bonnet on a tool and broke the spigot off the corner!!!
17- Complete coolant flush "2017"
18- Engine oil changed for 5w40 Mobil 1 with Bosch filter 2019
19- Engine Oil changed again for Mobil 1000 15w40 + Lifter treatment!
20- EAS Valveblock rebuilt with new X8R O-rings
21- Dunlop Compressor shit the bed, so new/refurb OEM Compressor sourced from Mercia Air limited
22- Automatic Gearbox Oil drained and refilled with Millers Millermatic "2019"
23- Automatic Gearbox oil changed for Elf Elfmatic + Filter "2020
24- Transfer Box oil changed "2017"
25 Transfer box oil changed "2020" Dex III Mannol
26- EAS Driver pack replaced
27- Rear axle oil replaced "millers"
28 Headlamp Wipers "britpart"
29 Windscreen wipers "ebay" Aero
30 Windscreen wipers "bosch"
31 Pollen filter set "2017"
32 Janspeed Full Stainless cat back exhaust
33 Exhaust Lambda Sensor...
34 Bosch Air Filter fitted to replace useless K&n unit!
35 Air intake Trunk replaced.
36 New Hankook Mf31-1000 Battery fitted
37 Viscous Fan replaced due to original Missing a few blades!!!
38 Alternator replaced with OE unit due to bearing howl..
39 All front accessory Idlers replaced with OEM items to stop the horrendous howl from the engine..
40 - Genuine Delco Tensioner - Defective!
41 Allmakes Belt tensioner "much better"
42 IACV replaced with OEM unit to fix idle issues
43 Throttle Position sensor replaced.
44- Castrol Edge 10w60 + Bosch filter
45- Tailgate struts
46- Bonnet Struts
47- Powersteering fluid flush "millers"
48- Engine oil + filter - Comma 10w40 & Mann W930/20 filter - 130,000 mls


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