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ok i give up how do you post a bloody photo step by step please.

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I believe you will need to host the photo on a third party web site, for example Photobucket (although I'm sure there are other free ones), then when you click the photo icon when writing a post it gives you a box to insert the hyperlink to the photo you uploaded to that third party website.

You can't host photos on your own computer, it must be web hosted.

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TBH I struggled with this just recently, trying it for the first time.

I opened an account with imgur - free and seemingly well-regarded - and uploaded some photos there.

Then, when writing the post, and wanting to add a particular photo:
1) go to 'imgur' (or wherever)
2) click on the photo you want
3) it should give you a set of 5 or 6 links on the right hand side.
4) copy the 'direct link' one
5) come back to your post on the 'Pub'
6) click on the little photo icon in the 'edit bar' above the text box
7) paste the photo link in there...
8) I was then deleting the wording which said 'describe your photo' - or something like that, because it's usually obvious from the text.
9) do a 'preview' of the post just to check it's the right photo and that it's worked.

Hopefully that will work - but maybe others more experienced will jump in. It did take me a little trial and error.


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That's spot on except for point 8. Don't delete any of the wording that appears in the link and the picture will appear, delete any of the text and all that appears is the words, Enter image description here. The other thing that catches people out is in imgur, the second box down, marked Direct Link, is the one you want but when you click the Copy button next to it, it doesn't automatically copy the link, it just highlights it so you still have to right click on the highlighted bit and click Copy.

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And also note the direct link should end with .jpg
If it doesn't, it won't work.

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thank you for info very helpful.