The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I'm considering it due to the fact most Autogas services in my neck of the woods have disappeared.

From what i can gather from my "brief" looking into the subject, you can have one installed..

There are some guideline's i'm sure, any Autogas pros have any advice?

We have 2 1200 IIRC tanks that supply gas for a central heating..

Are these the same Tanks that can be used if filling a vehicle?


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The take off for an LPG boiler is at the top as it comes off as a gas. To fill the car you need a liquid take off from the bottom of the tank and a pump.

You'd likely need to find another tank as I can't imagine anybody would fancy fitting a take off to a tank that's had gas in it before.


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Your best bet would be to phone some of the smaller suppliers that are about and ask what they can offer. I think those that have looked into it have said you need a concrete slab to sit it on, and a suitable mains supply to it.

You could ask flogas if they were willing to provide you with one of their keysite setups if you have somewhere suitable that you don't mind visitors to. Your in the right area at least for them.