The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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I see he has been asked to post a video of how he has managed to solve the issue ....... waiting .......

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You'll be waiting a long time............

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dave3d wrote:
the subject ........ I have set up my own server using a raspberry pi zero. Cost me all of £10.

I have a stack of L/R technical documents and I downloaded all of the RR.net pages when that nice guy posted the link a while back.
It works and can be accessed via the net. I have the domain name: landrover.stufftoread.com
It is not switched on at the moment however. It is not secure and the front end needs setting up. It just lists a stack of files.
I am trying to get to grips with HTML language but I think I have lost too many brain cells.

Drop me an email and I'll talk you through setting up stuff like letsencrypt - which is the bit I haven't fully set up here that expires every three months when I forget about it :-)

Just for the avoidance of any doubt about ownership, this site is entirely owned by me, hosted at a company in the UK, there's no company or corporate structure behind it or anything, it's not for sale, and it's as secure and solid as is reasonably practicable. There are Google ads served to not-logged-in users which racks up about the price of the domain registration every year, so not too shabby. If anyone doesn't like the site or the conduct on it I'd urge them to talk to me about it directly rather than do a big public flounce.

I'm glad to say the only posters who have ever been banned are actual proper spammers. We haven't had anyone being enough of an idiot yet among the "real people".

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And a big thank you to you Gordon. I really appreciate this site, including all the very helpful people on it.

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Wazzajnr wrote:

My L322 had 90k on the clock and lpg fitted (without flashlube) and is now on 140k and still fine.
I think a lot of the scare stories about weak valve seats are down to a poor lpg install.

I agree that some problems with excessive valve wear are due to poor installs. BUT you do need a valve lube on the Jag V8.

How do you know if your LPG install is good? (I would lol!).

So far you've done 50000 miles on LPG without a lube and without a problem, which is great. What we don't know is to what extent your valves have worn in 50000 miles compared to a Jag V8 with a lube system fitted, there may be no symptoms until valve seats have recessed to the point of causing poorer breathing due to valve shrouding or (extreme cases) lack of compression.

One of the worst offending LPG systems for causing VSR is the well regarded Prins VSI1 system. It is possible to set this system up so that at full throttle it switches to running it's own closed loop mode steering lambda voltage towards 0.5V (on an engine with narrowband probes... I know the Jag engine has wide band probes). The Jeep 4.7V8 engine normally doesn't need a lube system fitted but Prins advise a lube system for that engine - maybe because the generic settings that most Prins installers used when converting a 4.7Jeep activated this pseudo closed loop function.

The supercharged version of the Jag V8 needs a (electronic / forced) lube system more than the NA Jag V8 needs a (basic) lube system but they both need a lube.

50000 miles might not be enough to see any difference in engine performance but 100000 miles might be. I'd advise fitting one. For what a lube system costs to fit and costs to run, why risk accelerated valve wear... I fit a lube system by default (included in any quote) for any engine that is even borderline / grey area needing a lube system, with the Jag V8 a lube system is usually considered necessary, above borderline / grey area. I've seen some knackered Jag V8's and V6's (Ford based) due to VSR.

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I suspect that the lpg was fitted around 60k miles looking at the history but have no way of confirming that.
It won't be doing much mileage now and I'm toying with whether to sell it on or do it up (she's a Tatty beast!)
Bit busy with work just now so won't be doing anything soon!

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Thanks for your offer of assistance. However I have already set up my Pi as an Apache webserver. I also installed NGINX.
The setup just needs completing. It does work and can be accessed from the net but needs the login & passwords setting up and a decent first page that shows the documents in some sort of order.
I am playing around with HTML code to get a decent layout but I am new to HTML coding. It is not the sort of thing that could be taught via email, but thanks anyway.

I have already uploaded a number of documents a while back along with Rave and Microcat to RutlandRover's google drive? I think it was. The link was down for a while.
Wazzajnr mentioned using his Dropbox which prompted me to post what I had done.
All the files are on an 8Gb micro SD card on the Raspberry Pi. It has no hard disk as such.
It was an exercise I did during the lockdown to show what could be done with a £10 Pi. I also toyed with the idea of using my server for posting my photos instead of using Imgur.
I am with NoIP already and one of their domains amongst many others they have is .stufftoread.com.
I just jumped in and bagged Landrover.stufftoread.com and Rangerover.stufftoread.com as my domains.

When you retweeted my post I assume your comments were directed just to me.
To make it clear, I know you own the site. (I did however think previously that it was jointly owned by you and Richard.)
I have absolutely no interest in owning, buying or interfering in this site, so why the lecture?
My intention was to be helpful and post a permanent link to my little Raspberry Pi with all the files on it. It is just file storage nothing more. Another link just for "handy downloads".

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dave3d wrote:

To make it clear, I know you own the site. (I did however think previously that it was jointly owned by you and Richard.)
I have absolutely no interest in owning, buying or interfering in this site, so why the lecture?

No, Gordon set it up after a drunken conversation between the two of us when the comment of, "so how difficult would it be to set up a forum as an alternative to RR.net?" and Gordon took it from there. It didn't come over as a lecture and I don't think it was aimed at you, more a bit of background for the new members in case they thought it was another commercially operated site.

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Gordon, letsencrypt renewals just needs a cron job set to run every month. I can't remember it all off the top of my head but there were really good instructions!
What OS does this server run?