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Dec 30 2015

So far:

  • LPG Conversion
  • ABS Reservoir replaced
  • Front Left wheel bearing replaced
  • New front disks/pads (EBC)
  • Nanocom Evo purchased!
  • Lambda Sensor replaced, Bank 2
  • ABS sensor Fixed! (pushed in properly. ahem)
  • Rear Left ABS Sensor replaced (seems like a permanent fix this time)
  • Cruise Control fixed - vacuum pipe (Thanks Gilbertd)
  • EAS water trap thingy replaced and air leak cured. Up she rises!
  • Alarm siren reconnected. For now.
  • Tracking (all four) has helped with front end wander. Still shimmies on rebound. But the wheel is now centred on straight ahead (on average!)
  • New Bosch MAF replaced the (perfect looking Bosch) MAF and resolved misfire and adaptive value out of range codes
  • I think the new ABS sensor also fixed the Rough Road Signal Implausible code
  • EAS now back under control. The fault was the pink/black wire for the handbrake signal which passes between the BECM and the EAS ECU. It was shorted to ground by.. a self tapping screw banged through the floor during the LPG install.
  • HEVAC panel now working properly (Martyfied with LED glory)
  • Refurb window/mirror/roof switch panel - all working! (Marty)
  • HEATED SEATS! (big win) Marty again!
  • Replaced the coolant return from the top of the rad to the expansion tank with silicon which is actually long enough to reach and use the correct route.
  • New Front Diff (Ashcroft refurb) after the pinion bearings popped and ate the gears
  • New Radiator Fitted
  • Audi Heater Core fitted
  • Refurbed blend motors fitted (x3) and heater box swapped for Martified and greased version
  • New 02 on bank 2.. hmm looking back that might be the wrong side! Still, that was the one giving issues on the Nanocom.
  • Front Passenger Door outstation replaced (water ingress). The fun part was opening the superlocked door :)
  • Sat Nav is back from NW London!
  • Headlining fixed on the great headlining production line 2017
  • SRS fault gone, yellow connector under drivers seat cleaned
  • High level brake light showing all five lights (thanks GilbertD)
  • LH-F door switch now sorted (thanks Marty)
  • New Drag Link and Offside Ball Joint for MOT
    MOT 12 10 17 CO 0.00% HC 28ppm
  • EAS compressor replaced by Marty in a display of dedication to the P38 cause above and beyond any reasonable expectations Nov 17
  • EAS Dessicant replaced Nov 17
  • EAS Valve block stripped, O-rings replaced, Dec 17.
  • Boot Hatch Gas Struts replaced Dec 17
  • Door and Tailgate straps/hinges greased 09 Jan 18 (it's the little things)

2001 4.6 Vogue. Epsom/Lightstone.
Currently on the list:
Slight judder on nasty bumps (still suspect the steering box needs a little tweak). Rear left maplight switch U/S (really must fit the replacement!). Fit Silicon Hose from Block to Expansion Tank (throttle heater bypass route).