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Hi Folks,
I have a somewhat delicate Question ... really asking for a friend ;-)
He has a 2001 Thor P38 and messaged me, if I could help him to get the doors open, without his key, which is locked inside.

I know how I would tackle this with my GEMS own P38, but the microswitches in my drivers door are working, I have two working fobs, key code and procedure trained and available and the super lock electrically disabled. I would definitely nit have this problem, but as far as I have informations, yet: He has locked his only key in the car and it is a 2001 Thor one.
I think there are some factors, like battery discharged and reconnected or other circumstances, which would make a huge difference in trying to come in the car.
If he has alarm enabled, super lockable doors, no second key ... there might be some important things to look for, how to get into the car.

My concern is avoiding to bring this sensible Diva of BECM to avoid thinking it could have got be stolen (which would be, btw a sure sign of mental disorder - we know what I am talking about, while reading this ;-) and get into this nasty super lock down mode, where You need the special expensive module for some diagnostic software and soldering skins, which will keep You horribly electrically banned from Your car. As far as I know, there is not OBD connectable possibility of getting into the BECM, because lock up means terminating input from this interface, which is very relaxing having such a safe car, but is an annoyance in situations, which might occur by stupid or reckless approaching this special kind of problem.

pls. only private messages, I hope to be trustworthy enough for getting details, which should NOT be written in a public forum? Hope You'll agree. So it is a public call for private assistance. But I promise to help other fellow P39 owners in this situation to give help and assistance (like I always do, e.g. right now).
What should I have take care for?
What to look at?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks guys, got very comprehensive help from GilbertD ... helped a lot.