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I was on the road to Tarrington today when a nice looking red P38 coming the other way gave a wave!

Same happened yesterday with a green and a blue one!

Made me grin i'm not gonna lie..

You don't see that with other land rovers, not even my D2!

Anyone else have this with other P38s?


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not P38s, but we cd start a thing... based on mutual collective sympathy. Series and Defenders - i get waves all the time

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When I've been in the passenger side of my mate's Series III you do notice round here other Land Rovers do seem to wave or at least acknowledge you even the odd P38 you see. Not so much the newer ones than the P38 or D2 era except for Defenders though.

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It only proves p38 owners are all mad. I am in the same boat though.

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I always give p38s a flash, of my lights. 😃

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when i brought my first classic i would park it and when you come back their would be 3 or 4 more parked beside you even p38s , one bloke drove past half a dozen spots just to park beside me , gave me the acknowledgement nod as he walked off. must be something to it .

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Yeah, I get it occasionally too.

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Very few older LR's in my area. The last P38 I saw was half a year ago. Newer RR's and Disco's are around, but they don't seem to notice that my older LR's are the same brand.