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Just finished an EAS rebuild on my mates DHSE and while waiting for the Compressor to prime the system I noticed like always it got quite warm..

Not "HOT" but up past 65 degrees.

My V8 is the same even though there are no leaks, being that the Mosfets are rated at 175c and the transistors at 85c in the Drive pack, I was thinking whether it would be prudent to drill some vent holes in the side or the top of the EAS lid to help expel excess heat..

Anyone done this?


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Of course it gets hot, you are compressing air so the temperature will rise. Even a footpump will get hot if you are using it to blow up a tyre. The better the compressor is working the more heat it will generate. You only need worry if the motor is getting too hot. By too hot, I mean in excess of 90 degrees as the thermal cutout is rated to cut the power at 105 C.