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It is not possible to fit fog lights to the auto diesel because the auto box cooler is in the way of the LHS fog light.
However while I was just browsing Ebay, I noticed there is a 2001 Bordeaux diesel auto with fitted fog lights.


Anyone know if there was a factory mod done near the end of the p38 run ?

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If you don't have a fan on the gearbox cooler it will fit - that is how mine is at the moment since swapping to the diesel engine and using an original diesel auto cooler.

Not ideal though - its okay now the weather has gone freezing, but I have got the gearbox quite hot in traffic.

I am hoping I will be able to fit a slimmer fan in there rather than have to sort out a relocated cooler etc.

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Mine has had fog lamps fitted at some point and had some extra holes drilled into the valance. I have on occasion found the gearbox dipstick (mine is a 96 model) has popped out of the tube by an inch or two suggesting that it has got a bit warm but then last time I looked the transmission cooler was rather past its best.
The important bit is that the fog light activation setting was available within the BECM to activate them when the switch is pressed.