The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Yesterday I replaced the o2 sensors on the V8 and did a basic tune up with some new plugs and leads.

Afterwards just to satisfy my curiosity I tried to balance a 50p coin on the intake and rocker covers, and to my amazement they stayed in place

Which got me thinking about how well balanced a V8 is - a chap I worked with noted they were very "wobbly" and if you want perfect balance get a straight 6 or V12.

And yes the I6 is recognised as the most well balanced of all setups but is a V8 really that far behind?

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Your mate is right about 6 cylinder but as for V8 well there's a few odities to take into account like flat plane crankshaft /how balanced is engine built --- my 4.6 vogue is smooth -- like yours Yet my Buick 300(5litre) got flat plane crank high compression pistons high lift cam and solid mounting points ---- rocks like a jelly 🤗