The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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New Member here !
Many thanks to Gordon who helped me with the registration.
I own a 1993 RRC Vogue SE for a while now. I did not know much about mechanics but this had always been my dream car. It's my only car, we usually drive around 15000km per year. (it was 130000 tkm when I bought it). The car had no structural rust but some works needed to be done. A local club is helping me a lot (as in, doing the real work while I try to figure out what's going on).

What has been done so far :

  • New head gasket,
  • Deep maintenance ( block joints, carter, filters, plugs, some hoses, all belts, transfer box fluid change, new battery, etc)
  • New steering column.
  • Removed EAS and converted to coil spring.
  • Removed the fried seat ECU and wired the commands directly to the seat motors, replaced some missing knobs.
  • New brakes.
  • New cruise control air pump.
  • New Idle air control valve.
  • New tyres.
  • New exhaust.
  • New H/L transfer box knob.
  • New tailgate handle.
  • New windscreen washer pump.
  • Fixed a leak on one A/C segment.

I have yet to start all the cosmetic works, but I'd rather have everything related to the car operations working perfectly first.
Thanks !

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Welcome, most of us on here own the later P38 but there's many bits that are pretty similar and faults that can affect a car can be the same no matter what make or model it is. I used to own a 93 Vogue LSE, the long wheelbase version and I've helped a mate do a full restoration on a 95 Vogue LSE, the soft dash version (which seems to be the bastard love child of a Range Rover Classic and a Discovery 2). Only difference is that his was on coils when he first got it and after the restoration was done found the ride to be terrible on rough roads so we got hold of lots of secondhand EAS bits and put it back to how it should be. He was expecting an improvement (having previously owned a P38) but wasn't ready for just how much better it would be.

If you still have the memory seat ECU, I'll have that to repair (if it hasn't gone too far). Hot wiring direct to the switches is an option but without the ECU you lose the mirror adjustment unless you change the mirrors for ones from a car without the memory ECU.

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Hi Gilbertd, thank you for your reply (impressive listing, btw)
About the EAS : it was just not working and because of the amount of work that had to be done on the car I reluctantly opted for a coil spring conversion. The EAS ECU and the pump were working (I think) but the actual suspension hoses were very leaky. Sometimes it would just stay stuck. Since I often commute with this car I did not want to take any more chances. I kept all the bits and I hope i'll be able to go back to EAS sometime in the future, those now now-functioning luxury EAS buttons on the dashboard are a daily reminder.
About the seat ECU : that's exactly where I am. The usual happened ; the battery leaked and the acid fried the board. I considered having it repaired but since the most common options easily accessible here would have been a mod that also removes the battery, the memory functions would have been cancelled anyway. The next step is indeed to find mirrors from a car without the memory ECU. I have not changed the mirrors settings in months so I guess that was the right choice to put this mod into the "not urgent" list. I'll do it eventually !