The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Ventured out in vogue today and met a guy with a DSE --- it was nice but the bloke was a real fruitloop ---- he was going on about how changing the fuse to ECU gives you about 50 hp
Didn't bother telling him that I oversee engine building/tuning for marine use
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas time with your loved ones too

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Hmmmm... Do you have that chap's details Symes ?

  • as I have some (££) items to sell him: eg. 'fuel line magnets', 'vortex generators', and 'chips' (aka resistors) to add in series to the ECT - all 'proven' to give to give his car a boost / better economy / lower emissions & etc...... !!

Yes some folks are Christmas Crackers !