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For once I'll share some private info, it happened this weekend.
For my missus and me december 17 is special, it's the date we met. Romantic as I am (she believes me) I booked a hotel and romantic dinner in the east of Holland, in forrestal area near the German border, we also wanted to visit the Chrismas markets over there.
On our way I noticed the 3rd brakelight had two bulbs not working (reflection in rearscreen) and stopped at a gasstation. Send her in for coffee, in the meanwhile I looked after the bulbs by putting a screwdriver between brakepedal and driversseat. Engine was off, key in pos. 2. It took me 5 minutes to investigate, bought the new bulbs and off we went.
Oh no! Click click flat battery. Phoned our son to look at the web for a batteryshop nearby, saturday at 13:00 hrs. He found one and the guy promised me to wait, he should close in 20 minutes.
I asked a passing taxidriver to lend me some spark (I always carry the cables with me), it started right away and went off to the batteryshop, just in time and bought this 102 Ah battery for €119.- including 30% discount. It's the largest one to fit on the tray. He put a tester on the old one which was shot he said. Probably shorting on the bottom. (In fact I should have to know it, a week ago I had a flat battery over night but since then no problem).
The rest of the weekend was as expected, we had a good time with Glühwein und Bratwurst!
Moral of this story: when you plan something romantic, double check the jealous other lady in your household!
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Awww, you old romantic Tony!
Whisking the missus off for a trip down memory lane and stopping half way down it to do a bit of maintenance on the old girl (car that is!)