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Evening all

Strange things started on the way back from Peterbrough show where half the LCD display went dull

Didn't think much of it. Just age related and I could still make out the mileage etc

Yesterday the rev counter took over a mind of its own and then today I lost the speedo.

I replaced the ABS Ecu. As I'm odd and had a spare.

This seemed to fix the above and the LCD display is back to being full brightness again.

I'm not sure how this is linked.

I plugged my old Hawkeye Total in and checked the BECM.

I got faults saying communication lost to centre console outstation

Also to left and right doors.

Now I must say I am aware that something has been messed with by previous bodgers of the sweet old girl.

As she use to start on a button to override the immobiliser and there was a link wired in to the fuse box in the bonnet.

To start the P38 when I got her. You just turned the ignition on and then pressed a button. But that's another story .... I think

Any help regarding the outstations much appreciated

Or was it purely the ABS ECU

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The LCD display is backlit by three ordinary globes. When it goes dark, or partially so, one or more of the globes has ceased to function. In your case, clearly not blown, so I think you are looking for a dodgy connection. Might be worth removing the surround and unplugging it and giving the pins both sides a squirt with contact cleaner. If you feel so inclined, pul it out and replace the display globes, h leaning their contact tracks at the same time.

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Interesting. Thanks for the info