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Greetings from Yorkshire.
I'm hoping someone can help me; this is a query concerning PSI Motorsport performance chips for the diesel engine.
My P38 is a DHSE, 1999 MY, chassis XA with a plastic inlet manifold. 222,000 miles.
I have two different PSI Motorsport chips (both used), and I'd like to fit one - but which one ? Professor Google only wants to sell me a new one. He offers no website for PSI Motorsport, so really I've drawn a blank. I'm hoping that the experience and knowledge within this Forum will come to the rescue. Here's my best shot at describing each one:
Chip 'A' : Tees into the Manifold Absolute Pressure's ELECTRICAL connection on the diesel filter head. Sticker on the outside of the chip reads: PB 20 00 11, SN 33754. Sticker on the inside reads: 2005 WK 16, VC:ww, FT:ww.
Chip 'B' : Tees into the MAP's VACUUM pipe between inlet manifold and switch on filter head. Sticker on the outside of the chip reads: 10 00 11 and 11565. Sticker on the inside reads: 2000 / 1201, VC:ww, FT:ww.
Probably not necessary to say, but both chips are tee-ed into the round plug/socket close to the Fuel Injection Pump, presumably to modify communications between the engine's ECU and the FIP.
Thanking you in advance.

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I wonder if PSI motorsport has any connection to Simon here- "Psidoc" as he builds and sells widgets for
making engines run without BECM, Possibly he does things for diesel tuning as well??
Seems like a strange coincidence, Good luck!

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Hi all. Sorry I am late to the conversation.
I'm afraid I am not associated with PSI motorsport at all.
I do know how these magic boxes work and i must admit, I am not a fan of them.

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I am not a fan of those devices either. You are better fitting a chip directly in the Bosch engine ECU.

enter image description here

The original chip needs unsoldering and replacing with a new one. If you fit a zif socket you can swap chips easily.