The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I assume you all know what these are and what they do, but for those that don't, they plug into the RF receiver under the RH rear shelf and prevent stray RF from constantly waking the BeCM and flattening your battery. Marty has been working away for quite a while and some of the components he needed to build them were NLA so they haven't been available for quite a while. Well, the good news is, he has sourced the required components and has a limited number available now. They can be ordered through his website (http://p38webshop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=84&product_id=97) until the 20 or so he has are gone. So if you want one, get in quick.

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Brilliant bit of kit.
Get one while you can..👍

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I agree and endorse.
It made me believe in remote opening/locking again, after like two years of turning the key like it was a Series ...
And it is a fraction of what someone out-of-his-mind is asking for the "latest edition RF receiver", which should have been a no-cost freebie ...

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Thanks everyone for the patience whilst I've been away so much, and not had time to do anything P38 related - including answering emails/being on forums...

The movers are here currently packing a load of my stuff into a van, and I'm flying back to NZ on Wednesday afternoon... Nick has the rest of the filters here, so any that sell can be shipped from the UK.

As Richard mentioned - a couple of the parts have been impossible to find the last couple of years - the main microprocessor being the main one of them... They do seem to be available again now, which is good - but the ones I made whilst I've been here have used up our stocks of the PCB, so I am in the process of redesigning the PCB to all be with surface mount components, which I can get assembled at the PCB manufacturer, and hopefully a) make the filters quicker/easier to produce and b) mean that I can get more of them in batches, but then it means that I don't have to spend hours researching components/finding which supplier has 'x', who has 'y' etc - and I can just focus on programming the board, and then making the wiring loom/fitting it all to the case.

It might mean that some of them will ship from NZ (which might be better for Australasian/US etc orders)... but I will also look into sending a batch of assembled units to the UK for distribution locally.

I'm also looking at making microswitch 'blocks' to replace the ones in the latch - so again it could be possible to DIY replace the switches, rather than having to buy a whole refurb latch. Though I have shipped I think 8 LH and 8 RH latches to NZ so I can finish rebuilding them and hopefully have them available again in the future (for people who don't want to pull gross horrible latches apart, or want to have to solder wiring). But it will be a few months before I can work much on these as the shipping time is due to be 8-12 weeks before I see any of it again.

Hopefully I will be able to have/find/make some time in the future again to get back on the forums and be a bit more active... will have to see how work goes!
I might even sneak in a topic somewhere on some L322 projects on my one in NZ... there's lots I want to play with on that, but haven't yet had time to even look at!