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After calling around the usual suppliers, I cant locate a thor v8 throttle cable.

I can see the price at £120 though.....

I'm UK RHD. Does anyone know if the LHD is longer but compatible?

A helpful breaker has removed three for me, but they all have damage to the plastic end and the outer cover. Due to the damage in outer cover, the bowden cable is corroded/damaged so the cable snags when starting from slack (Jerky departure).

The broken plastic end may also be part of the snagging problem.

I'm used to having cables made/repaired, but the plastic spacer (pedal end) is not a common part the cable makers keep.

The cable spacer (pedal end) could be 3d printed.

Obviously I'm not the first person to need a throttle cable, or to be intimidated by a £120 price tag (I could buy a pair of gear cables for a Chinese car for less than that).

Before I start some over-complicated measuring/designing/printing - how far has anyone else got?

Many thanks

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I wonder if it would need to be plastic? Maybe the shop that makes the cables can make something work?