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I have the full Faultmate diagnostics for the p38 including being able to unlock and clone BECM's.
I have had the kit for 10 years+ and used it quite a bit for one thing and another, though to be honest I have not really made full use of the BECM module.

I unlocked and cloned I think 3 BECM's as spares for my car when I first got it, however, I was put off a bit because getting access to the CPU on the logic board involves soldering fine wires onto microscopic components on the pcb. Soldering is a nightmare for me, as electronics is not my thing, not helped by failing eyesight. Though having said that I have recently bought a magnifying headset and better soldering equipment which helps me a lot.

I built a test jig out of acrylic sheet a while back (the mk1 version) but it was not really a viable method and didn't work properly. Because the weather has been so crap over the last few weeks (months?) I have used the time to build a mk2 version using new spring loaded test pins. I also used a new laser cutter that I recently bought to cut out the jig. After more than a dozen revisions I might add, it now works. It is still work in progress and needs a few improvements but soldering is no longer required. I have unlocked and played around with a further 3 this week.

I can now start to offer a service to forum members who are interested. It will be strictly one at a time and there will be restrictions on the type of BECM I can initially unlock. There are two versions of the logic board. I am set up to do version 2. Later BECM's that start YWC ......... should be ok.

pm me if interested.

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If you are connecting to the pins on the BECM CPU chip itself, then there's no difference to the version 1/2 - the difference in versions is some of the outboard components.

I have a chip socket which is on a piece of PCB, which allows me to have wire connections to the pins required on the BECM CPU. Generally I have to remove some of the lacquer over the BECM CPU chip as it's on pretty thick and I won't get a decent connection otherwise, but it's also handy to be able to do it without soldering... You have to press down a bit on some boards to get a good connection, but once the programming is done, I just spray some fresh PCB lacquer over and presto.

Nice on the laser cutter etc - I keep thinking about getting one, but I want one ideally that can cut through thin alloy, but they're a lot more expensive!!