The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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For those of us who haven't got a problem at the moment (must be at least one of us) but want to say hello.
I live in sunny Gorlstone,I wanted an uncomplicated,reliable and economical vehicle but then thought what the hell and bought a P38. I also have a P5b,ex london taxi,Mk1 transit motorhome and a Rover conniseuer. I'm also young,very good looking and tell lies.

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Evening and welcome. Now if you post in the Elektrikery bit about your flashing keyfob, I'm sure Marty will pop up and give you an answer. It's probably something to do with the passive synchronisation but as both mine are too early for that, I've no idea personally.

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Ok, you had me at flashing... well that and key fob...

I'm away working at the moment and haven't had my laptop on in the last couple of days - but I'm about at the weekend so will check back in then and hopefully be able to answer any questions :)