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So finally had time to play with P38 Valve block again.
To recap, after reconditioning valve block and pump the EAS raised from bump stops to standard height in 20 seconds but the rear end would drop within a few hours once engine off.
Friday I disconnected the lines from the valve block to the rear bags and inflated them via Schroeder valves. Yesterday midday, the rear end was still up. Leaving the Schroeder valves on the rear lines I started the care to rais the front, once up there was a loud expulsion of air from the valve block as air was now being pumped out to the missing rear lines.
I reconnected the lines, started up again, brought the car up to off road height, drove around the block and left it parked overnight.

This morning it was still at full height, starting car the EAS light was on at full height, pump didn't kick in.

It seems to be fine now....what happened?

Gilbertd wrote:

When I do them I don't lubricate anything. Some guides tell you to assemble it dry while others say to use Vaseline or Silicone grease. The problem with putting any lube in there is that any dust from the dryer (and there always will be some after a while) will stick to it and cause it to gum up much sooner than it would normally.

Do the check first to see which corner drops when left with the fuse out.

Thank you.
I did forget to lubricate the diaphragm when I rebuilt the valve block, which by the way wasn't operating at all until I replaced all o rings and seals in the pump and air drier.

Should the diaphragm be lubricated or could it be a NRV?

I'll remove the fuse now and see what the morning brings.

Hi Gilbertd,

Thanks for your response to my private message earlier....somehow I've deleted it before reading it all 🤯
Not driven the car today so just gone out to it, on the bump stops, 20 seconds after starting it was up to standard profile. By morning it will be back to the bump stops.
Replaced all o rings in the valve block but didn't lubricate the diaphragm, could this be the problem of perhaps looking at this threadcould it be an NRV?