The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Lol yes, Gas would be good.

Its out!! Used a version or Marshalls tool to do it.
Hard to do blind and I have a bruise on the back of my right hand thats not going away for a while.

The replacements on but it blew a fuse on the second day, I think sitting out for near on a year hasnt done it much good, might need a new one.

I will be finishing up the repairs of my beloved monster in the next few months then its up for sale if anyone knows someone who wants one.

My health is not up to the running repairs anymore.

Thanks for the help on this one.

Evening all
My starter motor gave up the ghost today, luckily I have a spare off my old engine.
My question is this, How the hell do you get to the upper bolt under the manifold, any trick tip or tool would be appreciated.

Cheers Mick

Hi all
Can you enter the EKA code via the driver door in P38s before 1999 reg?
All advice online said "If your car is 1999 onward"
Has anyone entered the code with key turns on a pre 1999?


Left the battery negative off for a few hours and it reset, Anyone who gets this issue please note, Another thread said leave the negative off for 20 mins, The first time i tried this it was off for 40 mins and did not reset, it took 2 hours plus to reset. Hope this helps.



Went to the car today and the car is immobilized and i cant turn it off. My fob had been disabled before I bought the car so the alarm was turned off on the key.
This morning only the driver door would open and when it did the alarm went off and engine is immobilized.
How do i disable it? , does the the EKA key turning method work on pre 99 models as mine is a 95? I do have my EKA code card but its stored elsewhere so I was wondering if its worth the journey to get it.

Any ideas?



LOL thanks Richard, as usual one further question, where is it?? got a picture by any chance.



95 4.6 HSE
When at idel it slightly over and under revs as if its breathing if you get me.
Any ideas!

Hi Richard, hope your well fella.
Its not a kick down switch, my mistake its connected to the break pedal, refitted it now.

When this is all, over i will pop up to do the gas.

Take it easy


Replaced my throttle cable yesterday, in the process i managed to dislodge my kick down switch and im buggered if I can figure out where it goes.
Obviously its near the accelerator arm, but where exactly?
Anyone got a diagram or a picture.

Thanks in advance.


Saying that, the next bit was me, SO....
When Richard went home the car was purring like a monster truck, next morning I was back with new drill bits and cutting discs for the grinder.
I had 1 stud to remove on the offside and three on the nearside.
As soon as I looked underneath I new it was going to be a night mare, it took an hour to get the first stud out as it laughed at my drill bits, when it was out it was on with the gasket and new M8 bolts.
The other side i soon realised was impossible with the drill bits I had remaining so I clamped it up to an acceptable standard.
So i started it up and headed off to screwfix for some cobalt bits.
Base Camp
A mile later there was a slight spluttering, then two, then an obvious problem with fuel that was bringing me to a stop, I only just avoided breaking down in a busy junction.
Now parked up it was time to ring Richard where we did lots of checks but it wouldn't run, it would start for a second or two then die.
It then occurred to me I didn't know if all the gauges worked as technically I had only driven it a few days and it had sounded like it was out of fuel even though the tank said half full.
enter image description here
So off I went to get a can of petrol, the next few hours is filled with me trying to find a petrol container as no had any in stock and ended with me buying the personal one off the original garages owner who hadn't told me he had one.
Back to the car and I put in the petrol and it starts first time......I ring Richard to update him and I decide to head home.
Once at home I realise I have only put five litres in the car so it will need more until I can confirm if its a gauge issue.
So I head to the local petrol station, put in £50 start the car.....Now the battery is dead and it wont start.
I call out my breakdown service and wait two hours for him to arrive where he confirms the alternator on the newly fitted engine is knacked.
He puts his power pack under my bonnet and I manage to get home draining all its power.
Next morning I am up first thing, bus to my mums, pick up the old alternator, bus home and old alternator fitted, Battery on charge.
Later that night I go out side, fit the battery and start her up and it roars into life.
My wife comes home from work and I ask her if she wants to come to the shop so I can show off my car with its slightly louder exhaust.
Off we go to the shops, on our return there is that familiar judder for fuel, splutter splutter and its dead again......
Luckily we were only one road from home so I left it overnight, maybe it was a temperature issue?
Next morning i returned to the car but nothing had changed, it would run for more than a second like it needed fuel again, but it had £57 in it, and even if it had a leak and a broken gauge that was still a lot to lose overnight....but as it had fixed it before off i went again on a journey to fetch more fuel.
On my return i put it in but it made no difference. I slowly started to turn up the throttle ring so for the seconds it ran it would run more powerful.
Eventually it was at the max and after a few turns hit the limiter and stayed running, i tried to turn the throttle adjuster down but this had now broken!
I disconnected the throttle and then tied it together with string, got in and managed to get it home again.
Turned the car off, started it again and it wouldn't run, did the throttle max trick and it did, turned it off and the next time nothing, it wouldnt start.
I made a phone call to Richard and told him my new tail of woe and we agreed to meet the next day with his PC and try to diagnose the issue.

I will stop the story here as Richard will best explain the technical parts of the next stage.

As I said, I need to see a therapist and I have NO money left but I will not give up on it. 40 days owned, 3 days driven.

enter image description here

I on the other hand am waiting to see a therapist.
Hi all i am the lucky owner of this beautiful money pit. I will let Richard continue the story as he does it so well. All i will say for now is he is a legend, it would be in the breakers if not for him. The story does continue and it only gets better, sort of!

http://s32.photobucket.com/user/Revi1000/media/20191009_112235_zpsprghdsh0.jpg.html?sort=3&o=16 "enter image title here"